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Based on the conviction that reality is infinitely richer, more beautiful and freer than my artistic imagination or personality and that, in any case, it is worthy of being represented by itself and without the need for dressings; I try to adapt to it by having as limits the sensitivity, the sight, the technical capacity and the thickness of the brushes.


In this way, and always painting from nature, I try first to achieve a representation as faithful as possible of what I am seeing; as if I were a scribe at the dictation of the gaze, without exaggerating or concealing, removing or adding anything, at least consciously.


Secondly, I intend to leave testimony of my ability or inability in this task, in such a way that both the achievements and the mistakes appear equally as they are, without having exaggerated or hidden them. From these two simple premises the work grows with greater or lesser lack of skill, but always on its own.


Ignacio Escobar


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