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Pedro Quesada - Personal 1_edited_edited


I believe that working with what surrounds me -my family, friends, my house, my environment- allows me to reach greater truthfulness because none of these topics are indifferent to me. Inevitably they affect me. Although this does not mean that I am not open to commissions or situations that may surprise me.

I believe that each artist connects or tunes in to certain aspects of life, because, for whatever reason, they affect him/her more. I connect with the vulnerable and fragile aspects of the human being. We are not as powerful as we think.

When I work I trust to create a climate of intimacy with the theme, with the model that poses for me, because this is how I think I will be able to get to know some real aspect of that model and express it plastically. Somehow I hope that the model trusts me and gives me something true and that I can portray it.

Pedro Quesada


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